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From: Dabs@...
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 01:10:44 EDT
In converting previous projects I have run across a few problems.  Hope 
someone can point me in the right direction.

1. The new proceedure for calling DCOD's -- I can't figure out how to convert 

CALL "RdWr",RdWrID%,ioErr,(myRecHndl&,0,%_LoadImage)

to the new syntax.

2. Why does oser = FN SPEAKSTRING(a$) or oser = FN SPEAKSTRING("test") tell 
me I need to define the function first when it highlights showing it is an 
available toolbox call?

3.  Is it true that the Notificaito Manager routines are not installed yet 
such as;

osErr% = FN NMINSTALL(@gNmRequest)

4. Sometimes after using Command R several times the spinning beach ball 
speeds up but does nothing for a long time. If I cancel and then try again 
nothing happens but the cursur returns in a few seconds.  Trying the third 
time always brings things back to normal.

Thanks in advance.