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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:32:45 -0500
>>I have managed to get most of my largest project converted and working,
>>but frequent crashes into macsbug lead me to try the debugger to step
>>through my code in an effort to uncover where the crashes occur.
>>1.  How do I get my source code to appear in the "Source Code" window of
>>the debugger? The window says "Line 0" and is blank.
>>2. FBII debugger showed me a nice list of my variables, and their current
>>values... where is that feature in the new debugger?
>>Get me going with these two items, and it should be home free after that,
>>I hope... :-)
>In addition to the above items, I also cannot get the FN Stack feature to
>Is anyone else experiencing bad results with the FB^3 Debugger or am I
>the only one?
>Currently my program is crashing on return from a FN... it is picking up
>a bad address, but I cannot figure out why or where... :-(

This may be totally wrong, but...

I made a mod to the Degugger to preserve the string stack. If your function
were returning a string and the debugger overwrote the string stack entry
that was the function result, you could have gotten back a bad string which
you acted upon and that may have caused a crash.

As to the FN stack, we've never had even one bug report on it. Something
may be wrong in code (your's or our runtime) that is screwing up memory tho.


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