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From: BMichael@...
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:19:17 EDT
Joe Lewis Wilkins said:
>Masakazu Nakao wrote:
>> My exercise is;
>> Put only necessary source code and resource in a folder.
>> The name of main program must be ****.MAIN not **.bas
>> Run this program in FB2 environment.
>Run only or is Build ok too?

Actually, you don't need to do either; just launching FBII will build a 
"pi" file, and that's the key to making the conversion work. (Of course, 
Run or Build either one will verify that your code is "clean" in FBII, 
which is probably a good idea...)

>> Then drag this project file (not FB source code) to FB^3.
>> FB^3 does everything for you.
>I assume this means if you haven't done any "NO-NOs" and this is a "Drag 
>and Drop" onto FB^3?


>> The key is to make a project file ( pie file) within FB2.
>Seems pretty straightforward if it is actually as simple as this.

The autoconvert handles between 90% & 99% of the work for you. I'd add a 
"Strip Spaces" command and do a visual code check to make sure everything 
"looks" right before trying a compile. Things to look for are 68K code 
and "self-defined" toolbox calls; for example, you may have a function 
named "xxx", and you note that the "xxx" shows up in color instead of 
black - that's a hint that Staz & Andy may have added the "xxx" toolbox 
call to the runtime, and you no longer need to define it in your code. 
You may need to kill off a bunch of "globalized function" code as well 
that isn't needed any more - the autoconvert will comment out part of it 
for you (the USING stuff), but can't determine which functions are 
physically located "earlier" than others, and won't delete the unneeded 

I won't claim that conversions are _always_ "as simple as this", since 
I've got one big project that's still being a pain... but the autoconvert 
is _really_ good. Before it existed, the "conversion" documentation was 
very long-winded, with umpteen manual steps. I don't know of any way to 
make the "auto" part of it do any more than it's already doing.

Most of what I've run into trouble with are things that were actually 
"bad" in FBII, that it let us get away with, that FB^3 is catching!