[futurebasic] Re : [FB] [FB^3] Can't get TEXT and COLOR to work on EFs

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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 13:32:27 +0200
> I reported this behaviour on the beta list. One of my PG Project uses only
> Edit Fields, in fact, it's almost a single window with a bunch of Static Edit
> Fields. One of those must be hilighted depending on the timer. So, I used the
> color statement, like it is suggested in the Handbook. This doesn't work with
> FB^3. As far as I remember, Staz answered that this was not intented to work
> way  in FBII (more like a bug or something like that).
> So, you must find another way to give feedback to your user.

why not just do an inversion on the rect of the field?