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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 11:49:03 -0500
>I've written a small animation using 18 PICT resources (slices taken
>from a Javascript rollover) in a FOR/NEXT loop that's choppy
>regardless of timing. I figure using GWorlds could smooth things out
>and make it look as smooth as in the original Java. Here are my
>1). Does anyone have a simple GWorlds shell routine they'd be willing
>to share? Ideally it would simply show how to copy a PICT resource to
>GWorlds and then call it back again into a PICTURE FIELD. The simpler
>the better.

I am sending you (privately) a simple GWorld example.

>2). Any GWorld tips/traps I should be aware of?

See the program's remarks

>3). Has pixel manipulation in FB^3 changed with the shift to
>registers and PPC? (I can't find anything about it in the new FB^3

Not exactly. There are different assembly commands used to access bits in a

>4). Would it be easier to convert the rollover to a QuickTime movie,
>and then call that? If so, does anyone have some simple code
>demonstrating use of QuickTime movies in FB? (I really prefer the
>PICT resources, but would like to better understand QT's interaction
>with FB.)
See the MooV filter in PG. All files are on the CD


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