[futurebasic] My Nemesis: NODGetClip+00054

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From: pochas <pochas@...>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 14:47:35 -0400
I want to report a problem that has me stopped from converting a
project of mine to FB^3.  The problem window has 252 edit fields
numbered 200 to 455, plus another field number 199 drawn offscreen, and
a hoizontal and a vertical scroll bar.  I get many crashes while doing
edit field operations, and no single statement causes the crashes.  But
the MacsBug screen is always the same.

Power PC unmapped memory exception at 00307528  NODGetClip+00054

Instruction *lwz  r3,0x001C(r9)

After one such crash r9 held 24781FF4

Naive thought:  Could the edit field routines be leaving used regions
lying around?
This code runs fine under FBII.

  Regards, Charles P.