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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 20:43:02 EDT
>I am enjoying working and learing with release 0 but I have a few 
>I don't know if this is because of the 'release 0' or I am missing something 
>1.  Some variables in the Runtime.INCL appear to be incorrect. The reserved 
>words CHAR and RECT appear to be used withing FN's.

They are only reserved words when preceded by "AS", so even though they 
highlight in the editor, the compiler knows the difference. This is 
covered in the conversion docs...

>2. In testing an application that use the custom tehooks for 
>inverse,strikethru, etc.  the compiler finds another variable with a 
>reserved word name. ie. PROC is used as a variable.  It also fails 
>because of the part 
>of the Runtime.INCL that does things with REGISTER.  In the 'drawhook' FN or 
>something similar if I remember correctly.

If it's just editor highlighting, ignore it. The failures... that's one 
for Staz & Andy, not us lowly humans! :-)

>3. The next problem is in using styled edit fields.  FBII displayed the edit 
>field contents almost instantly when loaded from a resource.  FBIII takes 
>much longer as it appears to scroll into existance with the whole edit field 
>selected and then is deselected and displayed correctly.  Am I supposed to 
>do something different in FBIII than FBII.

Edit fields and (especially) Picture fields are still being worked on. 
Some problems were found at the last minute. I know there are open bug 
reports ('cause I've sent at least one myself) on Release 0 for this, and 
some "test patches" have been sent out to those reporting the bugs, but 
there still isn't a final, tested fix. Speed _hasn't_ been one of the 
issues, AFAIK, but I wouldn't get too concerned about that yet. Just make 
sure Staz has it written in his notebook. (Watch for a reply to this 
message from him that says "Thx".)

>4. The last problem is also with edit fields.  Using PG to create a TEXT 
>editor window and then displaying a large amount of text, the horizontal 
>scroll bar does nothing unless you modify the FN pgFixEditor function in the 
>Runtime.INCL to include a AUTOCLIP = FALSE.  WIth this statement it will 
>scroll right and left, without it will not unless some other action forces a 
>full window update.

That's one of the things that's been talked about (AUTOCLIP, scroll 
regions, and edit fields). I'd imagine that'll be fixed in the next 
update, either the CD or (maybe?) a patch that can be downloaded before 
that. Depends on the size of the change. I _think_ the latest patch I got 
fixed that, but then I don't use PG so I'm not sure.

>Lastly is a question.  When times permit..... will the appletalk, 
>ImageFile$, network, etc. modules be updated so they will run with FB III?

Definitely! _Part_ of Function Junction and PowerPack have been done (by 
volunteers, and me; more help always welcome) and I know Staz is working 
on having all of his in-house stuff available. The schedule for my stuff 
depends on my spare time (so don't get in a big hurry!) and Staz's 
depends on how much time he spends on FB^3 fixes between now and Release 
1. Personally, I'd rather have him devoting all his time to that, and 
worry with the "extras" later - even though I use those extras quite a 
bit myself!