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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 19:37:33 -0700
Things seem kind of slow, so I would like to put something up for discussion.

I've been using FBII for several years now and I usually find that I can get
it to do just about anything I set my mind to. Sometimes it takes a day or two
to figure something out, but the one thing that I have never been able to use
(and I don't want to use FB^3 with the same limitation) is the Debugger.

I decided to try it again a few days ago, thinking that perhaps, since I am
enough more knowledgeable than I was when I first started with FB, I
overlooked something. I'm still of that frame of mind, since I could STILL not
get it to work for me.

I get the Debugger up and am able to go in a set break points and I understand
what everything is and, supposedly, how to use the various features - although
some of them are a bit much. So I push the "hide" button and all of the
Debugger's windows are hidden and "My Programs Menus" are available; but none
of the hierarchical menus show themselves - and I do use a fair number of
them. Further, the program does not run as it does when I build it and then
double click on the Program's Icon. Mind you, this is a program that works
"almost" perfectly; I just want to step through the source code in a couple of
spots to determine why a couple of things happen when I think they shouldn't.

Additionally, how can you break into the Debugger when you want to check out
your program as it opens from one of its Finder Documents. I have done all of
my debugging with calls to Debugstr in MacsBug and this just isn't going to
cut it anymore.

I don't want/need any detailed descriptions. Just a couple of clues. Do your
hierarchical menus show? Can you drop into the debugger from a Finder
Document? Do your programs RUN right from the beginning? Am I a total DUNCE?
Ooops! Better not answer that one - I already know the answer.


Joe Wilkins