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From: andrew stewart <andrew.stewart@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:19:43 +1000
I have a utility called Perf Meter which indicates how much of the
computer's (7200 with OS8.6, Macsbug 6.5.4a6) CPU time is being used by
programs running in the foreground and background.

My FB2.3.1 application works fine, but when I click on another application
to send my FB application to the background Perf Meter indicates that my FB
application is using 60% to 80% of the computer's CPU time.  This will slow
down the application that is in the foreground.  The commercial
applications that I have use almost nothing when in the background.

The only thing my application could be doing is looping round its event
loop using HANDLEEVENTS.  The local Toolbox guru utters words like
"sleeptime", idle event", suspend event", resume event", but these are not
in FB2.  Any suggestions?

Andrew Stewart