[futurebasic] [FB^3] FB3 Reference glitch

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From: Mark Lincoln <mlincoln@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 01:38:41 -0400
On the bottom of page 5 of the Reference manual for FB^3, the last
paragraph runs into the list below it, at least on my machine (9600/200,
OS 8.5.1). Has anybody else noticed this?  I was going to assume it's a
problem for everyone, then I remembered how perverse computers (even
Macs) can be.

The paragraph is below:

"Certain special statements mark the beginning or end of a block
structure.  A statement which opens or closes a block structure should
not appear with any other statement on the same line.  Such statements
include the following: 
         #IF #ENDIF [etc] "

In my case, the last sentence walks all over the #IF, #ENDIF, and
several other items on the list.

If no one else has this problem with this eDoc doc, then I'd like to
know how I might be able to clean it up.  Otherwise, I suppose it's a
report of a minor annoyance to Mr Staz.

...Mark Lincoln