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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 15:35:33 -0700
Robert Cogburn wrote:

> >Since you're talking about Printing Resolution and one pixel thick lines,
> >here
> >is a FN that STAZ passed to me a couple of years ago. It lets 1 pixel lines
> >print at the printers max. resolution. I don't know how it affects thicker
> >lines. I've never used it with them. I think it ONLT affects the one pixel
> >lines. Works as advertised. Notice the global gMyToggle%.
> >
> >Joe Wilkins
> Joe, I added the necessary DIMs and tried running FN Hairlines with
> turnItOn = _zTrue, printing out some lines, then with turnItOn = _false
> and printing same lines. The two printouts look identical and the lines
> are as fat as usual (probably 1/72 inch since to my eye three would about
> fit in 1 mm). Maybe I'm not doing it right or possibly it doesn't work
> with my printer?
> Using LaserWriter 8.6.1 with a LaserWriter Pro 600 and OS 8.5 if that
> helps.
> Does it work with your setup?

YUP! I've used it with several different laster type printers and it works real
well. I've done it a couple of ways, but the one I'm looking at right now uses
a FN doWdwUpdate to draw all of the lines in the window. The Print routine
calls the same FN. Early in the FN I use FN Hairlines(_zTrue). Then at the end
of the FN I use FN Hairlines(_zFalse).

Curiously, in this program, I neglected to set the gMyToggle% global to any
value (in fact, I didn't even DIM it as a global at all and the "g" is not
"like" magic), so it would be treated like an "unitialized" unDIMmed local var
with whatever value happened to be present. Most likely not -1, so setting it
to _zTrue would have caused it to run OK, AND the setting "back" to _zFalse
actually seems kind of redundant; but, as I recall, those were the instructions
with which the FN came to me.

Maybe you affected the FN by your DIMming??

Joe Wilkins