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From: Mark Lincoln <mlincoln@...>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 22:52:50 -0400
Robert Cogburn wrote:
> >Since you're talking about Printing Resolution and one pixel thick lines,
> >here
> >is a FN that STAZ passed to me a couple of years ago. It lets 1 pixel lines
> >print at the printers max. resolution. I don't know how it affects thicker
> >lines. I've never used it with them. I think it ONLT affects the one pixel
> >lines. Works as advertised. Notice the global gMyToggle%.
> >
> >Joe Wilkins
> Joe, I added the necessary DIMs and tried running FN Hairlines with
> turnItOn = _zTrue, printing out some lines, then with turnItOn = _false
> and printing same lines. The two printouts look identical and the lines
> are as fat as usual (probably 1/72 inch since to my eye three would about
> fit in 1 mm). [snip]

1/72 of an inch _is_ one pixel--on your screen, anyway.  But from the
sound of it, that's not what you wanted...  ;-)

...Mark Lincoln