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From: Jay Reeve <jktr@...>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 99 22:09:12 -0500
>This parallel scrolling probably works on the basis that the texts we use
>are Tagged texts with chapters flagged \c # and verses flagged \v # where
># represents chapter or verse numbers. These tags must be at the beginning
>of a line;
>\c 2
>\v 1 Text follows here
>\v 2 More text
>Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.
>Bob Bryce


You're probably right about the tags, but it occurs to me that an array 
of offsets could also be used. Something like:

DIM ChapNVs1&(_maxChaps,_maxVerses)
DIM ChapNVs2&(_maxChaps,_maxVerses)

You would store the offset of each verse in the array and not have to 
worry about specal routines to hide the tags. It should also be faster 
searching, because the offsets would be in ascending order in the array. 
When a window was scrolled you could quickly ascertain the current 
chapter & verse from the one array, then find the parallel text offset 
from the other array. This also has the advantage of keeping your search 
& scroll data completely separate from the text for copying, printing, 

Even if your texts are _already_ tagged (I wasn't sure from your post), 
this might give you a tool for hiding and removing the tags as needed, 
and would certainly simplify creating the arrays.

I'll leave advice on the actual scrolling to others--I've never been very 
successful at it.

 =J= a  y