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From: Brian Stevens<brilor@...>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 22:19:47 -0700
>I tried it without, knowing that FB^3 doesn't require CALL statements:
>That didn't work either.
>Anyone have any ideas?

I can't find them either. Since these are toolbox procedures that are "not
in ROM" there must have been some extra code in FB II to enable them. Since
there is no trap address coding a new Toolbox header would seem to be the
wrong approach (but of course Staz may have a trick up his sleave).  You
probably noticed that IM (vol 5) contains a warning about applications
using these calls. If you don't mind depending on the existence of
AppleScript, you could use the STAZ filter to send an AppleEvent. This was
probably just overlooked since they tend to be low-use procedures. Cross
your fingers that Staz already has this nailed.