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From: "Masakazu Nakao" <PGA02150@...>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 18:41:47 +0900
I could manage to covert my own FB2-help file to FB^3>

I upload this mail to share my effort.
I you have already knew it, please ignore this mail.

// <How to convert FB2 help to FB^3 help>
 1. make copy of your own FB2-help file
 2. open it with ResEdit
 3. delete hlpW and TMPL
                          leave style and TEXT
 4. change file type to HELP
    change file Creator to FB^h
         with FIle Buddy or other utilities
 5. put this new help file into Help foler in FB Extensions.
 6. FB^3 Helper does supported FB help file!
// <End of conversion step>

Wish list for FB^3 Helper(Created 09/28/99, no version number available)
1) Left side list window does not support non-English
   (two byte code)
   Please add TEXT _Sysfont in source code of FB^3
   (right side window does support it)

2) Add capability to add /modify ourown help file within FB^3 helper
   as FB2 help

3) When resized, help files name submenu is not porperly refreshed.
   (Its a minor bug.  I don't care.)
4) add version number after COPYRIGHT STAZ SOFTWARE to see it wit Get
Info. from Finder.