[futurebasic] Re:FB3 and speech

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From: Dabs@...
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 11:46:55 EDT
The speek text FN that speeks up to a 256 byte string works but....this
use to work when speaking large amount of text from edit fields.  Now 
even when I convert the part the compiler complains about by converting   
([textHndl&]+StartChar%)   to a variable such as t& the spoken text sounds 
like garbage. Clear speech but not the text selected.  How should the variable
pointing to the text in the edit field be referenced. 

This is a simplified part of the FN where a edit field number EFNum is passed 
to the FN and the speech channel is previously built.

StartChar% = TeHndl&..teSelStart%
EndChar% = TeHndl&..teSelEnd%
NumChar% = TeHndl&..teLength%
textHndl& = TeHndl&..teTextH&
hState = FN HGETSTATE(textHndl&)
OSErr = FN HLOCK(textHndl&)

OSErr = FN