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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 14:08:06 -0700
Roger wrote:

> What are the advantages/disadvantages of separating sound and picture
> resources into a separate rsrc file as opposed to including them in the
> resource fork of your application. I notice that commercial applications do
> it both ways, and just wondered if anyone has an idea as to the factors that
> drive that decision.


Not sure exactly what the MB limits are, but in one of my recent Games I was
apparently "forced" - as I recall - into creating separate external resources
for some of my music sounds. Seems as though this happened somewhere in the 10
MB range. This may ALSO have had something to do with MacroMedia's SoundEdit16
Program in which I was Editing and Assembling the pieces.

From a speed standpoint, I haven't noticed any appreciable effect one way or
the other. It's probably convenient to split them up if you have outside
sources creating some of them; in which case you might as well keep them
separate so you can change modified resources if that ever should be required.
I would say the same might hold true with Pictures; if you had several artists
working on the same project.

I imagine the Resource or Memory Manager may have something to say about this
too. This is an interesting area for discussion. I hope others will share their
experience too.

Joe Wilkins