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From: Rick Brown <rbrown@...>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 18:32:32 -0500

MacMuse@... wrote:

> What are the advantages/disadvantages of separating sound and picture
> resources into a separate rsrc file as opposed to including them in the
> resource fork of your application. I notice that commercial applications do
> it both ways, and just wondered if anyone has an idea as to the factors that
> drive that decision.

If the content of the resources is never expected to change (except perhaps in
an updated version of the program), I would stick them inside the application
file.  That way the app and its resources always "hang together" in case the
app file is moved or copied--and that's one of the ideas behind having a
resource fork in the first place.

If the content of the resources is expected to change (for example, if they're
editable by the user), my tendency would be to put them in a separate file.  I
just personally don't like having an application file whose contents may change
any time I use it--it makes me scared that it could become corrupt.  Having a
changeable app file is also a problem if you intend to run the app from a CD,
or make it shareable over a network.

If the size and quantity of your resources is very great, you may have no
choice but to put them into a (set of) separate file(s).  I wrote a program
once which had a speaking glossary that used "snd " resources.  The resources
typically totalled more than 40 MB, so I was forced to split them up into
separate files (a single resource file can't hold more than 16MB).

- Rick