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From: Bernie Draht <draht@...>
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 00:22:29 -0800
Hello all FutureBasic people!!,
    I got FB^3 on friday, no conversion problems, just had to delete a
bunch of lines & constants in the globals file. At any rate, i made a
FutureBasic 3 backround(640X480) and a replacement splash screen for
PG3....use resedit to change 'em around. These two can be found at
in a stuffit 5 archive. Keep in mind here, you have to have the
unstuffit 5 unstuffer...the older onese will just say this is damaged.
If you hate the idea of unstuffing, you can DOWNLOAD the pictures at


I have no idea why these have to be downloaded onto your destop and
opened with something like color it.......oh well. Stupid cybercities.
At any rate, if you like these, e-mail me at lookatthecow@...
oh, and staz....feel free to stick these on the next release of FB3
CD(yeah, in my dreams) if you guys like this, i'll make a cool 3d one...

    eric draht
PS. FutureBasic 3 rocks...the only thing that sucks on it is the
compiler...takes 1 minute to compile on my LC 475....