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From: ars@... (morethanone)
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 18:34:02 -0800
Terence Jordan (tatewake@...) wrote:

> >However in about that same time period, somewhere between Dec. 16 and
> >19, after futurebasic.1083, the Subject: and Message-ID: lines
> >disappeared from the headers.
> I once recieved this, tried what it said, and it worked. It was an error on
> my mail server at one point in time, maybe this'll be a good pointer.

Hmmm, yessss. But you see, I suspect it is not my mail server that is
selectively stripping the Subject line from every message before it is
included in the digests of the FutureBasic list. No, no it would be my
humble guess that it is the list digester itself which is stripping the
Subject lines from every message (perhaps as it goes about the process
of collecting the Subject lines so that it can, for some undoubtedly
perfectly good reason, append them to the very tippy top of every digest
prior to the commencement of the actual messages themselves. In the
manner of a sort of Table of Contents, I suppose). 

I would further venture to deduce, then, that this reductive action of
the list digester (which began to function, apparently without any
procedural or administrative forewarning, on or about 17 December of
this year) was either the result of a human decision or an unintended
feature of a human decision. The question is, and I'm sure Mr. Kafka
will bear me out here: to which human must I appeal for a resolution of
the question: is it possible that the list digester could be coaxed into
not stripping the Subject line from every message in the digest?

Perhaps at some future time an actual human being, who will know
undoubtedly who is the human who made the decision that either
advertantly or inadvertantly caused the Subject line to be removed from
the headers included within the digest form of the FutureBasic list,
will read this series of messages, from which the Subject lines have
also been peremptorily stripped, albeit presumably only in the digest
form of the list.

At which point it may become possible (although of course nothing in
this world can reckoned with dead certainty) to actually convince that
unknown party who/which has the knowledge to do so to make a correction
to the actions of the list digester which will conclude this series of
messages which all began with the simple question: what happened to the
Subject line?

Which will not, of course, answer the queries of those list members who
have written to exclaim that they are receiving ONLY the subject lines,
and not the bodies of, the digests themselves. It is to them, I suspect,
that you have actually endorsed your above-quoted words of advice. While
I do not share a problem of the exact same nature as that which
befuddles and mystifies them, they are, of course, beginning to acquire
my sympathy.

It occurs to me just now that it is perhaps slightly possible that, in
resolving the question of what is happening to the Subject lines in the
course of preparing the digest form of the FutureBasic mailing list,
some other decision or unplanned feature of a decision will come to
light which will also resolve the dilemma of my fellow list members who
share the different and MOST curious problem of getting ONLY the
subjects, and not the digested messages themselves. That would certainly
be a welcome consequence for them, whether or not it followed the
resolution of the question which is my own primary concern, to wit: what
happened to the Subject line?

-- Tony
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