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From: Rick Brown <rbrown@...>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 19:55:26 -0500

Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:

> Jay, I find no fault with anything you've said; other than the fact that the
> RND Function always provides the same sequence of output - as advertised, it
> is a psuedo-random number generator. Supposedly, a seed value, that would
> alter this "same random sequence", can be introduced, which I have tried and
> found it "appears" to have very little, if any, effect.
> Mind you, I have done no scientific "testing"; merely noting the frequency
> with which certain questions in my games appear to be selected in "about" the
> same order. Since, the reappearance of the same questions does not bother me
> (repetition is one of the best methods of learning), I have not pursued this.
> But if "true" randomness were really important, I think I would really have to
> check out this function more completely.
> Joe Wilkins

How are you introducing the seed value?  If you use the same seed value each
time, you will in fact get the same pseudo-random sequence each time.  If you
want an unpredictable sequence, you should use the RANDOMIZE statement _without_
specifying a seed value.

- Rick