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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 19:51:39 -0700
Rick Brown wrote:

> Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> >
> > Jay, I find no fault with anything you've said; other than the fact that the
> > RND Function always provides the same sequence of output - as advertised, it
> > is a psuedo-random number generator. Supposedly, a seed value, that would
> > alter this "same random sequence", can be introduced, which I have tried and
> > found it "appears" to have very little, if any, effect.
> >
> > Mind you, I have done no scientific "testing"; merely noting the frequency
> > with which certain questions in my games appear to be selected in "about" the
> > same order. Since, the reappearance of the same questions does not bother me
> > (repetition is one of the best methods of learning), I have not pursued this.
> > But if "true" randomness were really important, I think I would really have to
> > check out this function more completely.
> >
> > Joe Wilkins
> Joe--
> How are you introducing the seed value?  If you use the same seed value each
> time, you will in fact get the same pseudo-random sequence each time.  If you
> want an unpredictable sequence, you should use the RANDOMIZE statement _without_
> specifying a seed value.

That's the mystifying part. I DO use the RANDOMIZE statement - all by itself - and
I was under the impression that this THEN used the tick count, which presumably
would be different all of the time, as the seed number.

It probably does, but as I said: A Repeated Pattern "appears" to be produced time
and time again. Maybe the RANDOMIZE statement doesn't in fact do what it says it
does. Again, as I said before "this is no big deal" for me; just an observation
that may or may not be true. It may be the smallness of the Range within which the
Random numbers are being selected that makes it "appear" to be about the same. I'm
only getting Random Numbers in the range of, perhaps, 1 to 20 and it appears that
the first and last numbers occur much more often than "I" think they should, with
"other" numbers "almost never" showing up. As a matter of fact, now that I really
think about it, I really want to show "All" of the Questions - eventually - but
just don't want them to appear in the same order all of the time.

Please, NO ONE put any time or effort into this. It is not that important.

Joe Wilkins