[futurebasic] RECORD garbage

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From: Warren Furman <wfurman@...>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 13:25:11 -0700
I can write this record once successfully, but subsequent writes append all
manner of stuff (like PG code and email msgs - no JPG's, however). Also,
rewriting RECORD(0) doesn't completely overwrite the whole record.

This is true whether I DIM each variable in the appointmentRec as 'var$' or
'10 var' or assign specific (non-field) strings to each variable.

Venerable doctor say accupuncture unsuitable solution.
Q: Is that really true?

'nother question: Is it advisable to run DWarrior everytime I write goofy
records, or is this just a local infection?

With soaring humility,

LOCAL FN saveRecord
  appointment.dayt$   = EDIT$(_EF1WClass2)
  appointment.tyme$  = EDIT$(_EF2WClass2)
  appointment.ampm$ = EDIT$(_EF3WClass2)
  appointment.who$   = EDIT$(_EF4WClass2)
  appointment.notes$ = EDIT$(_EF5WClass2)
  recNum = n%
  FN WriteRecord(recNum)

Best wishes,
-Warren Furman

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