[futurebasic] [FBII] PG messes up the 'header'

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From: "Pete" <furbies@...>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 21:41:14 +1000
Using FBII and Program Generator 4

I'm (still) writing an app that uses DCODs as Plugins extensively and I've
got things setup so things work fine...         (So he says)

One of things about this project is that the DCODs can call FNs in the
calling app using DEF FN USING. (This works fine) and the app can pass a set
of values from the app into the DCOD and then the DCOD can pass the values
back. (This works too)

The thing is:
As I'm adding things I need to create additional globals and constants in
both the DCOD's and the app, so I've moved those globals and constants into
a seperate .GLBL file. So when I add new globals or constants, I can just
replace the old .GLBL file with the new one.

The problem is:
If I don't add the statement GLOBALS "theGlobals.GLBL" to the 'header' of
the project's .MAIN file then each time I launch the app, it dies very
violently, so I did, and I wrapped it in a pair of {PG€}

The other problem is that I have several ENTERPROCs in my project's main so
I wrapped them in a pair of: {PG€} (These work fine)

So my question is:

how can I have 2 seperate pieces of code in a project main, both protected
from PG by pairs of {PG€}