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From: "Pete" <furbies@...>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 10:41:36 +1000
> Pete wrote:
>> > How do you save a file that has a list of words in columns so that when
>> > you open it in another program such as Simpletext the column maintain
>> > their appearance as they do on the printer and screen.
>> >
>> > I have tried using Tabs, Spaces, setting a monospaced font prior to
>> > saving etc without success, is it possible?
>> >
>> > Martin
>> martin between each word in the row you need to pad out with spaces. The
>> number of spaces depends on the length of the previous word in the row
> This bit I can do, its the next bit I am unsure of.
>> and then create a _"styl" resource that specifies a monospace font
> Martin

The easiest way would be to:  (Using PG)

Create a window the user can't see, then dump your text into an edit field
in it, then apply the font and size to it using TEXT then use the contents
of the edit field to create the simpletext file...