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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 09:44:40 -0700
Joe wrote:

> >Some of you - the really bright ones - are going to say "Dummy, I've
> >been using
> >Sherlock since day one - how do you think I come up with my great
> >references?";
> >well, I thought you had eidetic memories or something like that.

Mel Patrick wrote:

> Well, I certainly don't qualify for being bright, but I've been using
> UltraFind on FB source files and it makes SherLock seem more like
> SherLuck. If you want max power searching, check it out.
> I did try Sherlock once for searching the internet. Nope. Didn't
> impress me. Course I still don't qualify for the bright category so
> your milage may vary...;-)

What did I tell you? Guess eidetic is spelled "UltraFind" and the advantage of
being off in some ungodly place, half way across the world. Now I'll waste
half of the weekend finding and getting up to speed with another new toy. You
didn't say it was freeware; shareware perhaps? Seems like this code swapping
thingy doesn't save much time in the long run. Hopefully, we at least become
more accomplished FBers.

That's some cushy job that allows you to spend "hours" on the net.  *-}

Guess I'll use Sherlock to find UltraFind.


Joe Wilkins