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From: Brian Stevens<brilor@...>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 11:45:30 -0700
>I have extensively used the Kustom coding areas of KeyFLTR in my FB II
>project, and it appears to all be cast aside and is not included in the
>FB^3 KeyFLTR. Is it supposed to be, or do I have to copy over all the old
>code myself???

You're right. The conversion process does assume that you have not
customized the FLTRs in PG. However, you can easily update PG itself by
replace PG's version of the key filter with your own version. Just open a
*COPY* (just to protect yourself) of PG in a resource editor(Resedit or
Resorcerer) and paste your to replace PG's version. I writing this off the
top of my head so there might be some other steps that you need. PG should
then use your keyfilter when creating a new project. If this doesn't work
go back to your *copy*.  More details are possible if you need them.