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From: Ken Shmidheiser <kshmidheiser@...>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 22:27:28 -0400
Griffin Technology PlainTalk adapters sold very reasonably at this 
site take all the fuss out of line level recording on a Mac:


Here's some background info FWIW:

Prior to the 660av/840av introduction, sound input capable Macs 
accepted mic-level signals from the microphone port. All subsequent 
Macintosh models and clones handle line-level audio directly, where 
the higher signal level improves the dynamic range and reduces the 
hassle with external audio sources.

However, most microphones can only output mic-level signals, 
including the old-style disc-shaped Apple Omni-Directional mics. 
These will not work on the line-in machines without a separate 
microphone pre-amplifier. AVs and later computers-- including the new 
G3s and G4s, come bundled with the PlainTalk Microphones, which have 
a built-in preamp (and funky shape).

Note the extended 3/4"-long PlainTalk microphone plug, which uses an 
unique design to channel +5Vdc power (tip), mono sound in (ring), and 
ground (sleeve). Standard stereo mini-plugs (1/8" or 3.5mm wide, 1/2" 
long) are compatible with the microphone port, as long as they 
provide line-level signals.

Most external audio sources host dual RCA phono connectors. Unless 
you have a 7500 or 8500, you will need an appropriate Y-adapter to 
the stereo mini jack sound input port. However, do not use the 
original Apple Y-adapter designed for LC's and PowerBooks, which 
attenuates the signal back down to mic-level.

The PlainTalk microphone is incapable of recording stereo. But if you 
put a standard stereo plug in, the tip and middle contacts (the left 
and right channels) will contact in the area where the middle (mono) 
contact is on the plaintalk microphone. What's really going on inside 
is that the connector on your computer has 4 contacts, in the order: 
tip (power), channel 1, channel 2, ground. A standard stereo 1/8" 
plug never contacts the power connector, unless you pounded it in 
with a hammer or something! You can verify this by holding a 
plaintalk microphone miniplug up next to a regular stereo 1/8" 
miniplug and noting where the contacts line up with each other.
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