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From: BMichael@...
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 00:18:54 EDT
>I've heard about BBEdit over the years, so I went looking. Appears it is no
>longer free. Maybe one of the earlier - yet still functional - versions IS
>free? Yet another item for me to check out! Thanks for the "pique"!

BBEdit is not (and never has been) free. BBEdit _lite_ has always been 
free, AFAIK. It's not an older version - just a version with fewer 
capabilities. Still, it's _very_ useful, and should be on everybody's 
hard drive. The current version (I think, anyway it's the last I heard 
about) is 4.6, and it should be downloadable from 
<http://www.barebones.com>. If you need great HTML editing features, 
etc., then buying the "full" version is worthwhile.

It's _NOT_ a word processor, so don't be disappointed. It's a "text 
editor" only!