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From: Sylvain Guillemette <allmedia@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 01:55:15 -0400
>I re-read the Cassette Recorder's Instruction Manual and it makes no reference to "demagnetizing" the heads. How would one do that?

With a demagnetizer :-)
Seriously, it's cheap and a must. You'll find different models at Radio Scrap.

>Fortunately, by accident, I complied with almost all of your other suggestions. Actually, it was the ability to do compression and convert to WAVE sounds that most impressed me about SoundEdit16. Since you're, apparently, NOT too enthralled with it, what other
>Software in about the same price range would you recommend?

If you have the SoundEdit/Deck bundle, use Deck to down-sample to 8bit. If you purchased SoundEdit recently, Deck was probably not included because Macromedia sold it to Bias.
THE best tool you can get at any price is Cubase VST 24 from Steinberg. It's very expensive when you consider all the 3rd party plugins you'll need, but i can't live without it anymore.
If you're not a composer/arranger then the best tool for you is _definitely_ Peak from Bias.

>Seriously needing the advice of a "pro",
>Joe Wilkins