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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:41:50 -0500
>Two persistant "problems" with FBII that it would be nice not to have in
>FB^3 are:
>1.  When a project is compiled and an "existing" Built version of it is
>Open, we are
>only notified that the Build cannot be completed after everything has been
>done -
>except the final step. Why not check to see whether it can be finished at
>the very

I do this as much as I can, but there are still instances where I cannot
determine what file was launched. It is not possible to always know. (App
signature may change, applicaiton name may change, etc.)

>2.  The same when Resource Files are open. This one sometimes causes the Build
>process to hang up, requiring a reboot or a "Forced Quit", rather than
>the normal Error 45. Most of the time it is an Error 45, but it happens after
>everything has been done, rather than at the beginning.
>I recognize some of the problems, but it would save "?????" hours of OUR
>time in the
>next few years.

Not sure what to do here. I opened a res file with resourcerer and then ran
the project that contained the res file in FB^3. It compiled and ran
without a problem. Hmm... Never tried that before.


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