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From: Bryan Bremner <bremner@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 09:49:07 -0700
Tedd said:

>> I can't help but think that any number generated by a computer could not be
>> truly random unless it derived its randomness from nature.

Define "nature", how about the number of milli- (micro-) seconds since the
computer was last started?

Actually the problem is partly one of definitions,  these are properly
called "pseudo random number generators", it is just that RNG is easier to
say and doesn't scare the troops away.  The only real test of a RNG is
"Does it work for my application?"  The better ones just work for more

I haven't used a RNG for about 20 years and then as a consumer, not a
producer.  However in about 1-3 years I hope to get back into sumulation
again.  Robert, if you could put your RNG conversions out on a FB web site
where it can be easily found by someone who will long since have forgotten
this thread I would appreciate it greatly.

Bryan Bremner