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From: RMMerrill@...
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 13:45:11 EDT
Sorry to be back so soon... but again I need help. My aging memory seems 
to have something that I just can't remember that pertained to typing 
into an edit field and getting double letters. ie. Type a "J" and "JJ" 
appears in the field.

Here is my current problem. I am converting an FBII program to FB^3 - I 
have a routine in the Key.FLTR that handles keyed input into a "Find 
name" field, as the user types each letter, a search is mad of the 
database to find names that match the typed letters. These "found" names 
are displayed in a different edit field, while the typed letters are 
displayed in the _selectFld.

Let's say I am going to look for James...

in FBII, the following happens (correctly):

     Type       _selectFld shows:

       J            J
       a            Ja
       m            Jam...etc

in FB^3, I get this mess...

     Type       _selectFld shows:

      J             JJ
      a             JJaJJa
      m             JJaJJamJJaJJam

any hints, note the doubling effect, "J" gets doubled, then "a" is added 
and "JJa" gets doubled, then the "m" is added and the "JJaJJam" gets 

The code in my Key.FLTR is identical in both FBII and FB^3 versions, and 
the TEKEY code in the Runtime is identical.

I'm stumped, I have a gut feeling that I've been down this road before... 
like maybe some preference is screwing me up, but my 72 year old memory 
has lost any links at this time...:-(

        -=  Bob  (-: