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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 12:05:17 -0500
>Tedd said:
>>> I can't help but think that any number generated by a computer could not be
>>> truly random unless it derived its randomness from nature.
>Define "nature", how about the number of milli- (micro-) seconds since the
>computer was last started?
>Actually the problem is partly one of definitions,  these are properly
>called "pseudo random number generators", it is just that RNG is easier to
>say and doesn't scare the troops away.  The only real test of a RNG is
>"Does it work for my application?"  The better ones just work for more
>I haven't used a RNG for about 20 years and then as a consumer, not a
>producer.  However in about 1-3 years I hope to get back into sumulation
>again.  Robert, if you could put your RNG conversions out on a FB web site
>where it can be easily found by someone who will long since have forgotten
>this thread I would appreciate it greatly.

We already incorporated Robert's suggestions in the compiler. You will see
it in the next release.


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