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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 13:42:32 -0500
>Sorry to be back so soon... but again I need help. My aging memory seems
>to have something that I just can't remember that pertained to typing
>into an edit field and getting double letters. ie. Type a "J" and "JJ"
>appears in the field.
>Here is my current problem. I am converting an FBII program to FB^3 - I
>have a routine in the Key.FLTR that handles keyed input into a "Find
>name" field, as the user types each letter, a search is mad of the
>database to find names that match the typed letters. These "found" names
>are displayed in a different edit field, while the typed letters are
>displayed in the _selectFld.
>Let's say I am going to look for James...
>in FBII, the following happens (correctly):
>     Type       _selectFld shows:
>       J            J
>       a            Ja
>       m            Jam...etc
>in FB^3, I get this mess...
>     Type       _selectFld shows:
>      J             JJ
>      a             JJaJJa
>      m             JJaJJamJJaJJam
>any hints, note the doubling effect, "J" gets doubled, then "a" is added
>and "JJa" gets doubled, then the "m" is added and the "JJaJJam" gets
>The code in my Key.FLTR is identical in both FBII and FB^3 versions, and
>the TEKEY code in the Runtime is identical.
>I'm stumped, I have a gut feeling that I've been down this road before...
>like maybe some preference is screwing me up, but my 72 year old memory
>has lost any links at this time...:-(
>        -=  Bob  (-:

If this is not a terminal program, I would check to see if you are using
TEKEY$ to insert the text, then allowing FB/PG to reinsert it. If you use
PG's gKey$ with TEKEY$, you need ot reset gKey$ = "" to keep the key from
being entered twice.


-STAZ  ~)~

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