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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 15:27:36 -0400
>Tedd said:
>>> I can't help but think that any number generated by a computer could not be
>>> truly random unless it derived its randomness from nature.

Then Bryan said:
>Define "nature", how about the number of milli- (micro-) seconds since the
>computer was last started?

What I should have said was number(s) generated by a computer. The main
point of random numbers is that they are supposed to be random. And, it's
not just one random number, but a series, or set, of random numbers. Any
period in the set causes errors, or bias, in the computation. Now, for most
of us the use RND for variables in games and the like works well. But, for
others of us, the use RND functions for generating solutions to things like
sparse arrays, hash tables, binary tree searches, and other such geek stuff
may not work as well. In those types of applications, the better the random
numbers generated, the better the programs' solution.

Maybe the built-in microphone on the Mac might be a source of a random
number generator? When somebody has some time, it might be an interesting


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