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From: Paul Bruneau <paul_bruneau@...>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:09:28 -0400

Have you tried SndSampler? It's a nice piece of shareware that can do it.


PS: kHz isn't a speed, it's a frequency :)

Rick Brown wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who's been responding to this thread.  My G3 has a mic jack
> that accepts either the "long" microphone plug or a standard stereo miniplug,
> and thanks to your suggestions, I now get perfectly acceptable (for my low
> standards!) sound when I patch directly from the stereo headphone jack of the
> cassette player to the Mac's input jack.
> But now I have a different problem.  I want to put these sounds onto an audio
> CD.  Adaptec's "Toast" is able to convert AIFF sound files into CD tracks--but
> the sound files must be sampled at 44.1kHz with a 16-bit sample size.
> I looked for shareware/freeware programs that will record sounds at these
> parameters, and found a few that _almost_ do it, but none quite make it.  (One
> program will record 44.1kHz/16bit, but only to RAM.  Another will record to
> disk, but no faster than 22.3kHz.  Another will record 44.1kHz to disk, but
> can only be triggered by that damn VOX thing.)
> So I decided to dive into the Sound Input Manager and write my own.  And I've
> gotten 99% of it to work.  I can record raw sound data to disk at the right
> rate, with the right sample size, and in stereo.  There's just one little
> problem:  I can't seem to create the AIFF file header.
> The Toolbox function SetupAIFFHeader looks pretty straightforward, but I
> absolutely can't seem to call it without getting an error back.
> So here's a coding challenge!  I challenge anyone to write an FB program that
> will (by calling SetupAIFFHeader) write an AIFF header to a file.  Use any
> parameters that you can get to work.  The program needn't write anything else
> at all to the file, nor do any actual sound recording.  You may either use the
> version of FN SetupAIFFHeader provided below, or create your own.  Hopefully,
> by examing the differences between your (working) code and mine, I can see
> what I'm doing wrong.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> - Rick
> '--------------------------------------------------------
> LOCAL FN SetupAIFFHeader(fRefNum%, numChannels%, sampleRate&, sampleSize%,
> compressionType&, numBytes&, numFrames&)
>   DIM OSErr
>   `     clr.w   -(sp)
>   `     move.w  -(sp),^fRefNum%
>   `     move.w  -(sp),^numChannels%
>   `     move.l  -(sp),^sampleRate&
>   `     move.w  -(sp),^sampleSize%
>   `     move.l  -(sp),^compressionType&
>   `     move.l  -(sp),^numBytes&
>   `     move.l  -(sp),^numFrames&
>   `     move.l  #$0B4C0014,D0
>   `     dc.w    $A800
>   `     move.w  (sp)+,^OSErr
> END FN = OSErr
> '--------------------------------------------------------
> --
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