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From: Mark Arnold <mda515t@...>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:11:27 -0500
I need a lookup table that is fairly fast and I'm not sure where to begin.
I have an application in which things are encoded in one form, but need to
be written out in a different form. A small part of the table would look
like this:


A file would contain items in the first column, and based on a match, I
would need to substitute the items from the second column. The table will
have over 500 entries. I'm assuming a case statement (even if it could be
this size) would be way too slow. How can I quickly match what's coming in
from the file with what's in the table? I think this is a pretty common
thing in compilers, but I haven't a clue as how to implement it. Notice
that the table is case-sensitive. Anyone have any ideas? TIA


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