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From: Mark Arnold <mda515t@...>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:29:17 -0500
>A.  How are the items in the first column selected? With 500 I don't suppose
>it's graphical - like they click on it - or from a Menu - is it?

No. The data will come from a file. There's actually two applications. One
takes data from a file and turns all non-ASCII data into text formatted
like {acute}. The other application takes the formatted text and turns it
back into a hex string.

>B.  Can they "first" be broken down into a hierarchy of items with some
>commonality? Like some have a length of 5, others 6, etc.

Lengths range from 1 to 8 chars (not counting the brackets)

>C.  500 Items, other than building it in the first place, is no big deal for a
>case statement - time or otherwise; though I don't know if FB has a limitation
>in that respect. We're talking about a fraction of a second to run the case.
>D.  My suggestion in B above would cut the case to 250 with just a single
>commonality and with more?

To make things a little more complicated, I'll probably have to read the
file a byte at a time, so I won't necessarily have the whole word to work
with. Any ASCII data will be transferred as is.

Input might look something like: Cost 12{pound}

The application would grab a character at a time. If it's ASCII, it just
writes it back to another file. However, when it sees the {, it will have
to start looking up possibilities. When there's a match, instead of sending
{pound} to the new file, it will send B9(hex).

Does this make sense?