[futurebasic] Re: [FB] FB^3 Example Won't Compile

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From: RMMerrill@...
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 19:47:32 EDT

FutureBASIC Mail List wrote:

>>>>I need to use a routine to print all my edit fields to a printer. This
>>>>has worked in FBII, but I am unable to print anything in FN^3. I don't
>>>>know what I am doing wrong.
>>>>First off, I think I need the file "Print All Edit Flds.Bas" which is in
>>>>the examples folder on the disk, but it will not compile as there is a
>>>>problem with line 97 which I don't understand:
>>>>ClipRect;8 = [CntlH]+_ContrlRect
>>>>Sure would like to get back to printed output. :-)
>>>>        -=  Bob  (-:
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>>>You did not say what the error was
>>Error: Number of Parameters expected = 1
>>In file FamTree.pi:PRINT ALL EDIT FLDS.BAS at line 97 in PRINTFBDOC,
>>oClipRecto;8 = [CntlH]+_ContrlRect
>How did you dimension ClipRect?
>-STAZ  ~)~

Please understand that this routine is from the disc FB^3 0 and is in the 
Examples Folder.

I did not dimension ClipRect, you folks did, on line 21 of Print All Edit 
Flds.Bas as follows:

            DIM ClipRect as rect

I really do not know the full significance of this, all I know is that 
the routine will not compile as originally noted above, and I do not know 
The routine is on the disc in the folder FutureBasic^3, Examples, 
Handbook Examples,Printer Output folder, Print All Edit Flds.Bas.

        -=  Bob  (-: