[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Does size matter?

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From: Sylvain Guillemette <sylvain.guillemette@...>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 11:42:34 -0400

Why don't you make your windows resizeable ?
Most programs do today.

Your program starts with a small window that the user can resize and
the program quits, it remembers the size and optionally the position on
the screen (in the prefs).

Even Symantec does that :-)


> Hi gang:
> I've got a question regarding monitor size.
> My program MacBOSS is designed to work with the minimum size monitor (i.e.,
> the old toaster Macs). While this allows users of all Macs to use MacBOSS,
> it does present me with a design problem. In other words, I could use more
> space in the design of my main control window.
> Considering that all of the programs I have, and those new ones that I see,
> are using windows considerably larger (i.e., minimum of 13") -- my question
> is: What size monitor does the group feel is a reasonable size to expect in
> developing a new program? If possible, please cite your reasons.
> Thanks.
> tedd