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From: Dabs@...
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:40:15 EDT
In a message dated 10/14/99 1:51:38 AM, futurebasic-digest-help@... 

<< > Is there something that will cause the background pict to be redrawn? 
> After restoring the screen its colors are right but it's all mottled. 
> I can force a redraw from within the Appearance Manager control panel 
> but that's a nuisance. By the way, I'm using Mars' starfish program 
> off of the November MacAddict CD. If you haven't tried it you should 
> check it out.

>You might try setting the port to the Window Manager port and invalidating
>the whole thing.  Just a guess though.  I don't use Desktop pictures or I
>might have noticed this.

>Derek >>

I have been trying for weeks to figure this one out.  I have a program that 
creates a calendar, saves a pict of the calendar and I can even create the 
proper alias that the appearance manager should use to update the desktop, 
yet no amount of invalrect or refresh the desktop works until you go to the 
appearance manager and select to update the desktop.  Good stuff so far.... 
anybody have any other ideas???