[futurebasic] COORDINATE and ERRMSG$

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From: Robert Schenk <robert_schenk@...>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 13:57:30 -0500
I finally got around to actually using FB^3. I have a project that requires
modification of an old FB-II program. Somewhat to me surprise and delight,
I got the thing to work rather quickly. (Perhaps a blessing of not being
able to write  code that is very sophisticated.) However, there were two
things in my print routine (which is not used much anyway) I had to drop to
get the program to compile.

One was an ERRMSG$. The conversion manual says it is gone, but give no
suggestions of what should replace it. Or maybe I do not need to replace
it--just drop it?

The other statement was a COORDINATE h,v statement. I did not see anything
about this in the conversion manual, but it seems to be gone. What replaces

I am way behind in reading digests from this list, so if these have been
discussed, just point me in the right direction. (I am also a bit rusty in
FutureBASIC--I have not done much for a couple of years.) \

R Schenk

PS When I just have the FB^3 running, there is a little window with a new
button and an open button. Pressing the new button does not seem to do
anything. Why not?

PPS. I really like way the error messages are given. That is very helpful.