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From: BMichael@...
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 22:18:52 EDT
>The 12"  monitors which came with the LC series are only 512 x 384 
>resolution. If you expect to sell your product to schools (as I do) I can 
>tell you from experience that designing to allow for at least the LC 12" 
>screen and ideally the SE 9" screen will help your sales. You wouldn't 
>believe how many of them are still pulling duty in cash strapped schools. 

Since my wife has a Color Classic in her classroom, I can sympathize - 
and agree on the education market. On games and business apps, I've set 
640x480/256 as my minimum target. On the tutorial app I'm in the middle 
of right now though, I've had to go to 832x624 as a minimum in order to 
show all the graphics I _have_ to show! (Yes, simultaneously; you'll all 
get to see it when it's done.)

I'm just hoping that not too many people will be unable to run it, who 
need it...