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From: Ken Shmidheiser <kshmidheiser@...>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 00:58:05 -0400
A perplexed Stewart wrote:

>Thanks to Joe Lewis Wilkins and Ken Shmidheiser for their response 
>to my double beep problem. The thing that baffles me is that the 
>buttons worked OK in FB II and were not changed (by me) since I 
>converted to FB^3.
>There are 2 columns of 15 buttons and all buttons are active. They 
>change as they should from active to marked and back when they 
>should. Only one button per row. The beeps always come in the same 
>patterns. When a button in the first row is clicked, it becomes
>marked and 2 beeps sound followed by a short pause, followed by 18 
>beeps, and it doesn't matter which button is clicked. When a second 
>row button is clicked, the pattern is 2 and 8. he two patterns never 
>Ken, I copied the demo you sent me, but when I compiled it I got the 
>Error: Array Variable 'DIALOG('not an array or undimensioned
>In file K. Schmidt.Main:K.MAIN at line 38 in DODIALOG, Code=94600
>   •evnt% = DIALOG (•0)

-- more errors... major snip----

Ahhh! Now I see your problem, Stewart. It's FB^3 preference poopoo!

In FB^3, go to Preferences at the bottom of the Edit Menu. When the 
window opens, click on the third tab titled "Compiler." You want to 
check the following option boxes in the second column:

-- Use FBII emulation for non-project files
-- Include Macsbug labels
-- Use only DIMensioned variables
-- Do not allow re-DIMensioned variables

Go ahead and run both my code and your code again.

Let us know what happens.