[futurebasic] 9*12 as the smallest screen

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:21:36 EDT
paul said:
>   Sorry. I meant it's WRONG to still be using a screen that small in 1999.

i second that.

in fact, it was already wrong in _1989_,
how ridiculous to be squinting at 
a black-and-white screen the size of an index card
when a 25-inch color t.v. costs a few hundred bucks.

and it's wrong today
to still be using
the small screens we are.

(and in a landscape orientation, no less,
when our paper-based world is portrait in nature.)

the smallest screen we should ever have to deal with
is the 9*12-incher we carry around as an electronic "slate",
portable, but still big enough to display an 8.5*11 page at 100%.

oops, i'm getting this list mixed up with my electronic-book list...     :+)

p.s.  by the way, electronic books are very hot right now,
have you noticed?