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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:22:52 EDT
joe said:
>   I'll send you all of the stuff direct. OK? 
>   If you don't want the prototype, 
>   I can just send you the software concept.

send me whatever you can, as soon as it's convenient.

>   By the way, who is this Bowerbird, anyway?

i am bowerbird intelligentleman,
a restless, reckless performance poet from los angeles,
a poet who programs, using futurebasic.
(bowerbirds are songbirds, indigenous to australia and new guinnea.)

you can check out "breeze",
my multi-media authoring tool:
<a href="http://users.aol.com/bowerbird">http://users.aol.com/bowerbird</a>

the version up there now is a player, only,
so ignore the references to a working demo.
just click to dismiss the dummy splash screen.

(if you'd like a working demo, i can send that, too, but 
the player-only version up there now is a sleek re-write
that manages to come in under 100k, thanks to futurebasic.

i'm still intending to take breeze wide "any day now",
so i'd be interested in any feedback anyone might have.