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From: Frank Seipel <fseipel@...>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 18:38:26 -0400
I just recently re-subscribed to the mailing list.  I have a brief 
question.  I set up a program to poll industrial chart recorders & am 
now sharing the present values over the world wide web so I can 
monitor plant conditions from home; however, I need a means to set an 
EOF market in a file that is opened in "N", networked mode.

I do not own Inside Macintosh.  Looking at the toolbox information 
provided with FB, it appears I need to use "SETEOF", but it fails to 
work -- the EOF marker is preserved at the same point it was at 
before opening file, not at the point at which file marker was at 
when CLOSE was encountered.

OPEN "N",1,"Hello World",,

FOR I=1 TO 5
   PRINT #1,I,"***HELLO WORLD!!!!"
PBlk& = 1
success = FN SETEOF(PBlk&)

This program doesn't seem to move the EOF marker -- if the original 
"Hello World" file is longer than the 5 lines, this additional 
information isn't cut-off.  This results in gibberish at the end of 
my web pages.

I would prefer to continue using "Network" mode for all files; before 
I did this, I had lock-up problems & errors with Apple File Sharing 
(I also have sharing over other data files).

If there is no way to do this I guess I'll just pad the end of the 
files with spaces.
Frank Seipel
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