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From: Peter Bancroft <pbancroft@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 14:54:52 +1000
OK Phil. I'm game. That's Australian for sucker. Send me a small test
program and I'll see if I can boot it into shape. Please leave out the
erase hard disk routine 8)

However I note that IM Sound doesn't mention Asycn Snd Recording (Maybe its
been added since I got my IM). But I assume that you want to keep an audio
log while your radar thingo is operating. There are examples of asynch
sound playback which looks like it could be made to work.

>Ok, then, here's a challenge for you to while away the hours.
>Write an application that, on startup, opens the Mike, and records
>everything to disc until the application stops. This must be asynchronous -
>I'm advised that if it's done properly, there's almost no processing
>Then makes the recorded file into a file that can be played back while
>another application's running. Again Asysnchronously.
>Couple of days enough to do it ?    :o)