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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 08:24:01 -0700
David Cottrell wrote:

I wrote:

> >Things seem kind of slow, so I would like to put something up for discussion.
> >
> >I've been using FBII for several years now and I usually find that I can get
> >it to do just about anything I set my mind to. Sometimes it takes a day or two
> >to figure something out, but the one thing that I have never been able to use
> >(and I don't want to use FB^3 with the same limitation) is the Debugger.
> I couldn't live without it! I really miss some of its functionality in FB^3.
> >Additionally, how can you break into the Debugger when you want to check out
> >your program as it opens from one of its Finder Documents. I have done all of
> >my debugging with calls to Debugstr in MacsBug and this just isn't going to
> >cut it anymore.
> I believe this can be done in FB^3 (but not FBII) - just compile your app,
> with the debugger options active and the relevant break points set.
> Remember in FB^3 all runs are of a seperate compiled application which is
> sublaunched by the FB^3 compiler.
> I don't know about the hierarchical menus. I've never used any but this
> needs to be explored if it is a problem. Perhaps you should send a demo and
> bug report to Staz?
> Need any more details?

Well, after a couple of weeks contemplation and some diddling around, with the
full realization that the Debugger works for everyone else, so it should for me
also, it NOW DOES WORK.  I was going to describe the trials and tribulations that
I have gone through in order to get it working properly, but I'll save you from
the ignominious chore of reading about things that might seem second nature to
experienced programmers; decisions made years ago - that "seemed" to be working,
so not re-examined, but that had defeated every attempt I had made to use the

The hierarchical menus NOW work fine; although I still have figured a way to test
the Program as though Opened from a Finder Document and I don't think that can be
done. I posed that question to Staz some time back and he had no answer,
essentially acknowledging that it can't be done.

I have but one question at this point; what does it mean when local vars appear in
underlined, green text? I seem to have deduced what that meant a long time ago,
but, after racking what little brains I now have left, ???? Anyone?

TIA, Joe Wilkins